Emily Räisänen

Breathmastery Practitioner, Body and Mental Awareness Instructor, Teacher of Intuitive and Spiritual Arts and Energy Healing. Explorer of Life and Beyond.

Emily Räisänen is an intuitive teacher who follows the path of healing, expanding consciousness and evolving through love. From a very young age she discovered that we can operate in a very subtle sensory system that unlocks our abilities to connect with each other in levels that heal and nourish our souls. Her mission in life is to teach how to open ourselves to become aware of our wholeness and empower open hearts to connect with the pure love inside to co-create in harmony. She works with many tools to open up new awareness in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual layers.

Emily has studied with many teachers around the world and is certified in Breathwork, Mental Coaching and Teaching Body Awareness and Meditation. She has also many different certifications in Energy Healing and other healing methods working with energy including Reiki ( Master/Teacher), Golden Ray Healing, Energy Medicine, Shamanic Energy Medicine and much more… and has been working for years connecting the mind-body-spirit into harmony. 

She is an Author of a book about inner change and rapid spiritual growth called ” The Hardest Thing” – a journey to personal freedom (2017) and her new book “Aligning With Divinity – Through Spiritual Transformation” (2020) explores the spiritual transformation process.

She loves to talk about the innerstate of LOVE.

“If we can tap into the love inside us, to let go of our past experiences, to forgive ourselves and others and to uplift our view in life we are on our way to healing ourselves and making a conscious effort of liberation for all parts of us. And that right there is a turning point to magic.”- Emily Räisänen

She assists you to find out where you are holding in life and teaches how to access your inner healing potential to heal yourself. She is a guide for inner healing and transformation processes. If you are ready to take charge of your own life to look into your inner healing you have found the right guide to keep you on the right track. Emily works from the field of love and all your feelings, thoughts and insecurities, hopes and dreams are free to join in your inner work with her. Under Emily’s guidance, you can safely experiment with your limits and seek your true inner strength.

Contact: emily@breathwork.fi