Welcome to the Home of Breath

” We are already free, without limitation and unconditionally loved. From emptiness we choose to dream ourselves into existence. Let the breath be your guide.”    

                          -Emily Räisänen, Breathwork Finland               

About Us

We are The Home of Breath and include breathing as a part of everything we do here at Breathwork Finland.

We are located in Helsinki Finland and travel around the world to teach our passion.

We focus on connecting with our Mind, Body and Breath. We love to bring Breathwork to you.

Tomi Räisänen

Certified Wim Hof Method Instructor, Breathworker, Physiotherapist

Contact: tomi@breathwork.fi

Emily Räisänen

Breathwork, Mental Coaching and  Instructing Body Awareness. Emily is specialized in different holistic methods that support mind, body and spirit.

Contact: emily@breathwork.fi

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